California Pilates

A group of moms who want to expose their children to what the San Francisco Bay Area has to offer and learn the ropes of motherhood. Classes, speaking engagements, museums, parks, zoos, kid-friendly eateries and play dates are all part of the fun. Bringing relevant information about women's health and growing an active off-line community of San Francisco Bay Area moms and children is the mission of the group.

Many new mothers are left in the dark and feel isolated after giving birth. Connecting moms with professionals and helping them get the answers they need to build a happy healthy family is the least I can do. I also look forward to connecting with and supporting other moms on this crazy awesome wild journey.

We look to create events that touch on all aspects of postpartum recovery and what it take to thrive as a new mother!

All moms are welcome. There are stay-at-home moms, working moms and moms in between. We hope to see you at one of the events soon.

In business since March, '12
Lencola Green

I am Pilates instructor who specializes in postnatal recovery. Creating a community surrounding motherhood is my calling. My groups hosts professional and touches on the major topics affecting new parents:

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California Pilates